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DogLeggs Neoprene Carpal Support

DogLeggs Neoprene Carpal Support

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About This Item

The DogLeggs' Carpal Support is barrel shaped like the carpus.  Its unique shape, intimate fit and conforming properties of the material provide even pressure and mild to moderate support top to bottom.  For additional support, one or more Extra Stabilization Straps can be added.  If rigid support is needed, OrthoPlast can be molded and applied to the support.

Ideal for use with:

  •  Carpal Hyperextension (mild to moderate)
  •  Carpal Instability/Sprain or Strain Injury
  •  Carpal Osteoarthritis
  •  Immune-mediated Joint Disease
  •  Post-operative Management of Carpal Arthrodesis or Avulsion Fractures 

Vital Tips: There are many soft, neoprene leg braces on the market and it can be hard to choose.  When choosing a brace, think about what your pet needs.  Is it a light support or something to protect the limb or something more heavy-duty?  Will your pet fit into a standard size brace or is the brace able to be trimmed to fit better? See these articles on how to choose the best brace for your pet:

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