Affiliates & Links

Vital Vet is the world’s largest online platform for all specialty pet care products, devices, supplements, services, and more. Resources on the Vital Vet website are carefully chosen by a team of veterinary rehabilitation, physical therapy, fitness, and sports medicine experts. Think of Vital Vet as the most comprehensive directory for all things related to rehab, physio, and fitness for pets.

Though some products and services are offered directly on the Vital Vet site, most are not because we wanted you to:

  • Give you direct contact with the manufacturer who can answer all your questions and supply you with the most up-to-date information
  • Provide you with the best quality and value

Affiliate partners, such as Amazon Associate Program and online course developers, provide Vital Vet with a small commission if there is a purchase made after clicking the product link on a Vital Vet page. Articles with an affiliate or partner link are clearly labelled as follows “contains affiliate and/or partner links”. Product pages that provide Vital Vet with a small commission upon purchase include the button: SHOP AMAZON (following a click on “QUICK VIEW”).

Regardless of affiliate or partner status, each product and service must go through a rigorous review and approval process to be featured on Vital Vet.

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