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"We're really happy with the results and return on investment (ROl) we've achieved through our ad with Vital Vet. Our initial ad garnered significantly higher engagement compared to numerous other advertising channels we've explored. Vital Vet's ability to hone in on a hyperfocused audience coupled with the exceptional quality of their content has been instrumental. We couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome."
Cindy Harrington, Ph.D., CVT, CCAT
ELvation USA - Vet
"The Vital Vet team is, as their name suggests, 'Vital'. Within days of working with Vital Vet, they executed and began delivering results. Not only did they deliver on everything they promised, they went above and beyond, frequently exchanging emails to offer advice and ideas. I have come to expect (my emails from Vital Vet) include good news, new opportunities, and strong ideas to further our growth. Thanks Vital Vet!"
Ryan Gallagher, Co-Founder, CEO
Scribenote, Inc.
"I think it's time to come back to Vital Vet. The money I spent elsewhere for marketing was a total waste and I am regretting the decision. Let me know if you'd consider taking Canine Mobility on as a client again. The best sales I had were during the 6 months I was working with you. Thank you!"
Jeff VerHoef, Founder
Canine Mobility

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We’re really happy with the results and ROI we’ve achieved through Vital Vet

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