Soft bracing for dogs is used to provide extra support for a joint. The movement of the joint is slightly limited with the use of this brace. This reduces forces on the joint and provides partial rest for the affected joint. Because of this extra support, your dog will also know better where and how to put his front or rear paw, proprioception is stimulated.

These aids can be used temporarily until there is sufficient healing and the affected joint can be fully loaded again. This support can also provide extra help for the older dog, such as with osteoarthritis. The brace gives your dog more comfort while walking.

There are several joints that we can support with such a soft orthotics or SOFT braces. In the front legs these are the elbow and wrist joints. In the hind legs, these are the hip, stifle and ankle joints.

We have a standard range available at pro4paws, but for exceptional sizes we can also custom made a SOFT brace.

The measurement is easy to do with a tape measure. Measuring the joint and the maximum length possible between the joint above and below the soft brace is sufficient.


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