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The Labra Canine Front Leg Wrap is the perfect solution if your dog is suffering from limited mobility.

This neoprene compression wrap provides stability and support to your dog's front legs without compromising flexibility. It can be used to help dogs heal from joint injuries.
This wrap can also be used as a preventative measure for elderly dogs which are at a higher risk for injuries.

Vital Tips: There are many soft, neoprene leg braces on the market and it can be hard to choose.  When choosing a neoprene brace, think about what your pet needs.  Does your pet need light support and protection or something more heavy-duty?  Will your pet fit into a standard size brace or is the brace able to be trimmed to fit better?  And when choosing a brace, look for these features:

  • How thick is the neoprene material?  Neoprene braces usually run from 1.5mm (ultralight) to 5.0mm+ (heavy-duty).  The thicker the material the more supportive/stabilizing the brace will be.  Remember - the more stabilizing the brace, the less flexible the brace (and joint) will be.
  • How many outer cinching straps and how wide are they? The more straps, the more support and security.  The wider the cinching straps, the less pressure points on the leg and the more supportive.  
  • Does the brace have metal supports or springs?  Metal supports or springs provide more stability.  Springs allow the joint to move while metal supports freeze the joint in place.
  • Is the brace able to be trimmed for a better fit?  Neoprene material does not fray so it can be trimmed to provide a better fit.  But if there's stitching, the brace cannot be trimmed.  The better the fit, the better the brace will do its job for the pet.


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