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DogLeggs Forelimb Amputee Support Wrap

DogLeggs Forelimb Amputee Support Wrap

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About This Item

Forelimb amputees place greater stress and incur increased trauma to the remaining elbow when lying down and rising. DogLeggs for Amputees offers coverage, padding and protection for the remaining elbow in the forelimb amputee. The standard design is intended for animals with a full limb amputation and consists of a vest with a single sleeve providing coverage of the elbow.

Ideal for use with:

  •  Hygroma (preventative and curative) • Decubital Ulcer
  •  Pressure Sore
  •  Callus/Pendulous Callus
  •  Lick Granuloma
  •  Elbow Dysplasia
  •  Elbow Osteoarthritis
  •  Wounds, Abrasions and Incisions