Video Consults Help Your Pet And Save You Time And Money

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Video Consults Help Your Pet And Save You Time And Money

If you're like me, your dog is right next to you.  Take a moment to look at them now.  Have they been a little "off" lately?  Slowing down or having more trouble getting around?  Maybe you're looking for exercises to help them recover better?  Or some braces or aids to help them move better?  Maybe you don't know if there's something wrong or even what questions to ask.

If you've already followed your veterinarian's recommendations but feel there's more that can be done to help your dog, then consider contacting the experts at Vital Vet.  These experts use video to see your pet so that you can get the help you need without leaving home.

Advantages of a Video Consult

  • The obvious one is that it saves you time and money by allowing your dog to be seen via video right from your home.  No need to travel or deal with social distancing rules.
  • Older or mobility-challenged pets have trouble getting in/out of the car and this can cause stress and even cause them to get hurt.  Having these pets seen at home is calming and reduces the risk of injury.
  • Video consults give you the opportunity to "meet" with some of the top physical therapists and veterinarians in the fields of rehabilitation, sports and holistic medicines, and wellness.  These experts would otherwise not be available to you unless you lived close by.

Limitations of a Video Consult

  • Though much can be done through video, nothing really replaces what a skilled veterinary professional can do by actually feeling and manipulating your pet.  
  • You do not have access to modalities like shockwave and cold laser or acupuncture, or professional techniques like veterinary spinal manipulation.
  • Since your dog has not been formally seen by the video consultant, the consultant cannot prescribe medications or physical treatments.


 What Others are Saying About Vital Vet Video Consults

My experience with Deb  (Vital Vet Video Consultant) has been terrific.  We had a great initial phone call and I left the “appointment” with some specific exercises and parameters that I can use for Kai’s rehab. When I learned about this service, I was so relieved and thrilled – finding and accessing good treatment for canine sports med issues during the pandemic has been really tough, to be honest.   I’ve had to patch together a series of diagnostic and treatment providers. I’m going to touch base with Deb in a couple of weeks and we’ll set up another appointment."  Jaime and "Kai" (Kai vom Mack-Zwinger IGP1, ACT1, TKI, CGC)

How Do Video Consults Work

  • A video consult (or teleconsultation) is an appointment that you make to have your dog "seen" by an expert.  Pets are seen through video like Zoom, Skype, and others.
  • Click on Pet Video Consultation, browse through the different experts and choose the one that's right for you.  Experts have different specialties, like specializing in seniors, arthritis care, canine athlete recovery, puppy assessment, degenerative myelopathy, cruciate disease, and much more.
  • Purchase the Video Consult and set up the appointment with your chosen expert (or your expert will reach out to you to coordinate a convenient appointment).  
  • For the appointment, your expert will need to know about your dog and what's going on, what you're seeing at home, and what you've already tried.  They may want to know other things like what exercises you're doing, what braces or equipment you're using, and even what food or supplements you've tried.
  • Following the initial phone call or e-mail to gather information on your pet, your consultant will then view your pet through video and go over your concerns and make recommendations.  . . .  That's it.  It's that simple.

What's the Best Part about Vital Vet Video Consults

What's the best part besides saving you time and money, reducing stress on your pet, and the convenience of having your pet seen from home?  Ilaria Borghese, Founder of Vital Vet, feels that the best part is having access to world-class experts.  “Our Consultants are carefully chosen for their expertise in specific areas including veterinary care, orthopedic and neurologic conditions, sports medicine, athletic conditioning and return to sport, rehabilitation and physical therapy, assistive products and equipment, and much more. These are indeed some of the top specialists and pioneers in their field.  I am amazed and grateful that they've agreed to join us.  And our pets will be the better for it.

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