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Vital Vet was created with you in mind ... If you're here on Vital Vet, you get it!

Just a Dog – Unknown Author” – Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick is a veterinary surgeon fittingly known as “The Supervet“.  His fierce passion for pets and their wellbeing resonates through when he reads this tender poem.  Listen in…If you’re here on Vital Vet, you get it!  It’s not…”Just a Dog”. 

Thank you, Dr. Fitzpatrick!

Vital Vet is the largest, multi-platform supercenter dedicated to improving the lives of our animal companions. All things related to veterinary rehabilitation, physical therapy, fitness, and wellness for pets can be found in one central location.

Vital Vet is a professional healthcare site for serious pet parents and veterinary practitioners.  

We display the largest collection of pet products that:

  • Improve mobility, function, and fitness.
  • Reduce pain, injury, and symptoms of disease.
All products and services on Vital Vet have been carefully reviewed and approved by veterinary rehabilitation professionals. 
  • Many of the products shown on Vital Vet will lead you directly to the manufacturer’s website by design so that you can connect with their products expert team.  These products are usually by prescription and require veterinary involvement to measure and/or purchase. 
  • Other product links may take you to a site that provides the lowest price for your convenience. 
  • Our top sellers’ products are featured directly on Vital Vet.

We are constantly reviewing and testing innovative and cutting-edge products and services to bring you the most current trends and complete information on pet rehabilitation, healthcare, and fitness.  Use Vital Vet to increase your knowledge and talk to your veterinary professional about the best options for your pet.

There’s lots more to come . . . 

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