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Bring along furry friends on adventures with this stroller and bike trailer combo!

  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Zippered rear and front entrance – LOVE this feature
  • Wheels set back so there is no “tipping” effect
Big dogs are awesome! But when they get older or have trouble walking, it can be hard helping them get around. Even when using a harness to walk a big or heavy dog, it gets tiring. And no, we don’t want to leave them behind.
We have a 50-lb pittie with a neurological disorder who can’t walk without help. After 20 minutes of walking him with his harness, we were exhausted and sometimes couldn’t get him back to the car. We used to carry him, and carrying 50 lbs through the park and up the hill to the parking lot…ouch! I admit that I sometimes went to get the car and drove it through the park to pick him up… oops! But a wagon changed all that. It allowed us to take him for longer walks/rides, to discover new trails, and it saved our aching backs!
In a wagon or jogger stroller, your pet can lie down and rest but still be part of the pack. Wagons and jogger strollers can be pulled/pushed on the street, as well as grassy parks, dirt trails, and sandy beaches. And these carts often have side pockets to conveniently hold water bottles, leashes, purses, cell phones, first aid kits, and more. Your pal does not want to be left behind. Maybe a wagon or jogger stroller can help the pack rock and roll together again!


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