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About This Item

Description: A comfortable and stable sling to support your painful, injured, or unstable dog

Uses:  Great to use with older, painful, or injured dogs.  Perfect to help dogs with arthritis, neurological conditions, generalized weakness, and even after surgery.

  • GREAT FOR STAIRS AND CARS - When other slings slip to the back of your dog's body, the Labra sling stays put even when going up/down stairs or in/out of cars. when your dog tries to go up or down stairs or gets in and out of the car. Our sling stays in place at all times thanks to the chest strap we've added to the front of the sling
  • PERFECT FOR MALE DOGS - Chest strap keeps sling more forward and away from urine stream.  


  • Clip-on chest strap helps keep the sling in place.
  • Lightweight, breathable construction, and cool padding keeps your dog cool and comfortable.

Keeping your Senior, Injured, or Weak Dog Safe in the Home

What do we like about this sling? Pretty much everything. It's so easy to apply and remove. It's durable with heavy-duty handles so it's great for pets that need your help getting up and down and around. We love the front chest strap - the purpose of this strap is to prevent the sling from slipping backward. This is important if you have a wide-chested dog (with skinnier hind end) and also for male dogs (for obvious reasons - ouch :-). And of course, the price of around $25 makes it a great bargain!