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Description: The Coodeo Lift Harness for Dogs is a lightweight, full-body harness that provides great support for pets with injuries or mobility problems.

Uses: This is a great harness if you have a senior dog or one with arthritis, weakness, or neurological condition.   This harness is ideal for dogs with limb amputations since it opens and clips on both sides and also has dual trunk attachments so that it stays in place.

Features: It has 3 different support systems:

  1. Long Handle – for shorter pets or those that need only mild-moderate support
  2. Short Handle – for taller pets or those that need more support and assistance
  3. Leash Attachment – to give your pet more freedom to roam (leash not included)

The Coodeo fastens completely around your dog so there is no need for the dog to step into the harness. Made of strong, breathable, soft materials that are comfortable for the dog and allows the harness to be worn all day.

Harnesses are also recommended for big-bodied/short-legged dogs like dachshunds or bassets, and for dogs with amputations.  Compare this and other harnesses to find the best one for your pet.

We’ve tested this Coodeo harness and are big fans. We love that it’s ultralight yet strong, with a wide panel that runs under the chest and trunk for better support. In pets with mobility issues and weakness, you don’t want to apply a heavy harness and the Coodeo is super lightweight, soft, and pliable so it conforms well and is comfortable enough to be worn all day. We like that you can apply and fasten the harness without having the pet step into it. Dogs with pain or mobility problems often have trouble lifting their leg to insert into a harness – Coodeo has multiple clips that let you apply the harness around your dog.You can’t beat this design and construction for the value. It’s very affordable.
Here’s our dog (below) with his Coodeo Dog Lift Harness. He weighs 47 lbs and he has cerebellar abiotrophy, a degenerative condition that makes it difficult for him to walk or control his body movements. This harness enables us to walk him while we support most of his weight. We did have the harness altered a bit for his wide chest (Thera-Paw, Inc. did the alterations). The belly straps are adjustable so they fit him perfectly.


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