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AGON® Dog Hock/Ankle Brace

AGON® Dog Hock/Ankle Brace

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About This Item

Agon Extra Supportive Dog Hock Brace / Rear Leg Wrap


  • transitional device after cast or splint removal
  • protection for wound or lick granuloma
  • compression brace to reduce swelling
  • helps reduce pain from arthritis and injury
  • helps support hock following ligament sprain or strain

Remove brace every 2-3 hours to allow leg to “breathe”.  Do not keep this on overnight.

Vital Tips: There are many soft, neoprene leg braces on the market and it can be hard to choose.  When choosing a brace, think about what your pet needs.  Is it a light support or something to protect the limb or something more heavy-duty?  Will your pet fit into a standard size brace or is the brace able to be trimmed to fit better? See these articles on how to choose the best brace for your pet:

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