Kinesiology tape developed specifically for veterinary purposes to relieve pain, improve muscle function, Joint support, blood circulation, and lymphatic flow


  • Each uncut roll 2.4 inch X 16.4 foot (6cm X 5m) roll provides 20% more tape than competitors.
  • Fabric / Elasticity: Soft, comfortable, and breathable 100% medical-grade cotton fibers are specially woven into a tape with 145% elasticity.
  • Vetkin’s specialized 35% stronger adhesive is powerful enough to last for days without being difficult to remove.
  • Vetkin Tape is partnered with ISELP and was designed with cooperation and testing by equine health professionals.
  • Each roll comes with application instructions, TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) certification, and a quality guarantee!

Keeping your Senior, Injured, or Weak Dog Safe in the Home


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