Light Support for Back Leg/Ankle (sold individually)

Product Details

Light support/protection for the back leg ankle joint/tarsus.  Helps to support the ankle joint and relieve pain associated with:

  • arthritis
  • mild weakness of the ankle
  • ligament strains and sprains

This brace offers ideal protection for highly-active dogs (e.g., agility, field trial, hunting, hiking). For dogs that need more support try Tarso-Flex X.

Foam Padding

Foam padding is used to improve comfort and protection of the leg.  Foam padding sticks to the inside of the brace and can be purchased separately.

Anti-Chafing Powder

If your pet has sensitive skin, we recommend applying anti-chafing powder inside the brace to help protect the leg.  Power sold separately.

Care Instructions

Tarso-Flex Sports Wrap is made of washable, easy-to-care-for material.  Use warm water and mild detergent and let air dry.

Customized Fit

Tarso-Flex Sports Wrap comes in 4 sizes and can be trimmed in width and height for a better fit.  Cinching strap ends can be trimmed off if too long.For pets that require a custom brace, we recommend the Custom Tarsal Support.

Measuring Instructions and Sizes

  • STEP 1 (purple line arrow). Measure height of front part of leg from ankle joint (where the leg bends) to below knee.
  • STEP 2 (green line arrow). Measure height of front part of leg from ankle joint (where the leg bends) to top of paw.
  • STEP 3 (yellow line arrow). Measure around the ankle joint (circumference).


Small, Medium, Large

Right or Left Back Leg?

Right Back Leg, Left Back Leg


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