Targeting Improves Muscle Engagement

Learn the Targeting Skills that will Decrease the Amount of Time Needed for Fitness!

Do you have a dog that dives on props as you put them on the floor or a dog that is overly focused on your hands? A lot of clients think this is endearing as their dog is so excited to get on equipment and super food motivated but in reality it shows a lack of solid communication between handler and dog. This takes precious time away from what ever task you are training.

Putting each target behavior on cue (verbal or hand signal) will make your training sessions more efficient and will “give more specific information to your dog” to create a better line of communication.

Who should participate?

EVERYONE! Beginner to advanced dogs that don’t already have the targeting skills on cue.

Why take this class?

  • Targeting improves communication between dog and handler
  • Targeting is a useful way to teach behaviors and tricks
  • Targeting is useful to obtain specific position for fitness exercises
  • Learn about shaping behaviors and timing of the click (refine your shaping skills)


The class is open for questions and comments for 90 days allowing you plenty of time to work through the material and formulate your questions, as well as allow the instructor time to review and give feedback.

SELF-PACED CLASS – As soon as you sign up you will have access to the full course!  This way you can work at your own pace.  Access to material lasts for 1 yr.


About this instructor:

Bobbie Lyons, CCFT, KPA CTP, Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, Karen Pryor Academy Faculty, CGC Evaluator (trick titles)

Bobbie was part of the TEAM that contributed knowledge and experience to design the CCFT II Live Lab and is a course “Instructor” for the program. Bobbie also completed the certification program for Canine Fitness through the Companion Animal Sciences Institute and she is a Certified Training Partner with the Karen Pryor Academy.

Bobbie has 4 awesome dogs that she trains for a variety of skills for agility, fitness training, trick training, tugging, and dock diving. She enjoys the training process and strives to communicate in the best way she can to help dogs and clients understand the task at hand. She starts every training sessions with this question: “How can I set the dog up for success and give the dog the best information to successfully complete the behavior?”


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