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About This Item


Welcome to “Animal Communication.” You will learn the silent language of communicating with animals and be guided in how to create deep, intimate, meaningful, and life changing exchanges between animals and the people who love them.  Enjoy!

This course includes:

  • Intro: What is Animal Communication (ow does it work?)
  • Preparing to communicate with Animals
  • How to send a message to Animals
  • How to receive messages from Animals
  • And More!

Learn from any location - Complete at your own pace

About the Instructor

Dr. Angelique Barbara is a Doctor of Chiropractic who holds additional degrees in Veterinary Science (B.S.), Equine Science (Minor) and Veterinary Pathobiology (M.S.). Her background in both the clinical and research animal health care world as well her experience as a human chiropractor give her a unique perspective on animal bodywork.