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About This Item

Proper conditioning helps to OPTIMIZE performance on the field and helps to PREVENT injuries

Proper conditioning follows a regular exercise program and results in increased strength and overall health.  

In this self-paced online program, you will learn how to effectively and safely condition your Canine for your specific sport, to achieve peak performance.

Included in this course:

  • A self-paced online program
  • learn how to effectively and safely condition your canine for your specific sport
  • detailed "how to" video for safely and effectively progressing your dog from Level 1 to Level 2, and from Level 2 to Level 3 
No Risk To you
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About This Instructor:

Ria Acciani, MPT, CCRP, Co-Owner, Advanced Canine Rehabilitation Center, Warren, New Jersey, US

Ria Acciani holds a graduate degree in Physical Therapy and is a licensed physical therapist (PT) with over 20 years experience in human therapy.  She has specialized in canine rehabilitation for more than 14 years. Ria received her MPT degree from The University of St. Augustine, FL, and trained directly with Stanley V. Paris, PT, PhD, FAPTA.  She became a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) in 2000, and was the first PT in New Jersey to practice on dogs.  She owns and operates Advanced Canine Rehabilitation, a practice that focuses on rehabilitation of performance and sporting dogs. 

Ria travels extensively to many regional, national, and international dog competitions, and work with top-level competitors.  She was selected as Official Therapist for the IFCS US Agility Team and traveled to Bristol, England with the Team in 2010.  She returned to England with the Team in 2011, South Africa in 2012, Spain in 2013, and Hungary in 2014. She has also traveled with the AKC World Team to Luxembourg in 2014 and the WAO World Team in Italy and England. Additionally, she provides instructional seminars for handlers and their dogs on a variety of topics to prevent injury and enhance performance within their sport.

Ria worked closely with Dr. Sherman Canapp and the VOSM group to establish the rehabilitation protocol for various shoulder and elbow conditions, which is in current usage at VOSM and in her own practice. She has published articles in Veterinary Surgery and Clean Run, and has presented at the International Rehabilitation Symposium in 2008 and 2010. Ria has been core instructor at STAAR since 2010 and has also presented at the Animal Rehabilitation SIG for the APTA in Springfield, MA.