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Indications for Use

  •  Wounds, Abrasions, Incisions
  •  Skin Lesions associated with Dermatological Disease
  •  Chronic Obsessive Licking of the Torso
  •  Skin Lesions associated with Radiation Therapy
  •  Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tube
  •  Thoracostomy Tube
  •  Surgically placed Drain Tubes/Jackson Pratt Drains
  •  Fragile Skin associated with Immunosuppressive Therapy/Compromised Immune System
  •  Certain Behavioral Issues (Anxiety/Stress)

Product Description

Surgi-Sox Leggings with Velcro Closure provides coverage, protection and compression of the torso and forelimbs. Compression can help prevent seroma formation following surgery and can also benefit animals with certain behavioral issues.  Use of Surgi-Sox Leggings can often replace traditional bandaging methods and/or the Elizabethan Collar. The opening along the back closing with VELCRO® Brand fasteners makes this product are quick and easy to apply.  The product slips on and provides reliable coverage, protection and compression. Improved patient comfort reduces licking, chewing and scratching at wounds. The simplicity of the garments results in greater compliance.

Compression has been successfully used to calm animals and can be beneficial for the recovering patient and for anxious, excitable or fearful animals in both the clinic and home setting.

The level of compression can be adjusted based on the size selected. Our sizing chart is based on a mild to moderate compression and can be used as a guideline if more or less compression is desired.

*Choosing the Right Size

Size is based on measurement #2, which is the circumference of the chest.  Please use the table below to select the best size for your dog.

  Measurement #2 – Chest Measurement #4 – Length
Size Inches CM Inches CM
XS 8.5″ – 10.5″ 21.59 – 26.67 6.5″ 16.51
S 10″ – 12.5″ 25.4 – 31.75 8.0″ 20.32
S/M 11.5″ – 14″ 29.21 – 35.56 10.0″ 25.4
M 14″ – 17.5″ 35.56 – 44.45 12.5″ 31.75
M/L 18″ – 22.5″ 45.72 – 57.15 15.0″ 38.1
L 24″ – 30″ 60.96 – 76.2 18.0″ 45.72
XL 26″ – 32.5″ 66.04 – 82.55 18.0″ 45.72
XXL 28″ – 35″ 71.12 – 88.9 18.0″ 45.72
3XL 31″ – 38.5 78.74 – 97.79 18.0″ 45.72



Surgi-Sox products are made from unique 4-way stretch material that is highly breathable. The material is plated to prevent sticking to wounds and is anti-microbial. The material can be cut to accommodate PEG tubes, etc. and will not unravel, run or fray. The seams are worn on the outside of the garment to provide a smooth interface for the area of coverage. These products are machine washable and will not lose their integrity or anti-microbial properties.

US Patent No: 6,070,557

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