Multi-Use, Multi-Purpose Balance Disc

  • REHABILITATION – subtle wobble motion helps to activate stabilizing muscles. Dual textured surface provides different levels of stimulation, proprioception and sensory awareness.
  • CORE STRENGTH – balancing and weight-shifting on the disc helps to activate core muscles, which are the building blocks of a strong and stable pet.
  • FUN EXERCISE – Many dogs suffer from dementia and even boredom. Doing exercises with your dog, keeps them cognitively engaged.
  • AGILITY TRAINING – Use as a training tool to improve leg strength, hind end and front end awareness, core balance, focus, concentration.
  • INCREASE MOBILITY – Improves tone as more muscles are recruited and used to help stabilize the core and stay balanced, when your pet performs exercises on the disc. Regular use can help coordination, stability and flexibility for your pet.
  • INCLUDES HAND PUMP and 2 EXERCISES to get you started – DEZAL Balance discs are made with highly durable material that can handle gentle physical therapy to intense agility training. Anti-burst and portable so you can exercise anywhere.
  • DIMENSIONS: 14” diameter, 3” height; Weight: 2.2 lbs; Made of PVC – Phalate free for your peace of mind.



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