Traction-covered for Body Awareness and Sensory Stimulation

  • Improves body awareness
  • Develops balance confidence
  • Conditions and strengthens
  • Great for contact training

The FitPAWS® Trax Donut is slip-resistant and provides neurosensory stimulation

  • Burst-resistant design up to 300 lbs
  • Extra-wide contact surface
  • Provides a safe balance platform for conditioning and rehabilitation
  • Combine with other FitPAWS® products

Sizing Guidelines
The FitPAWS® TRAX™ Donut will work for most dogs for weight bearing and balance exercises (2 paws on Donut, 2 paws on floor). If you plan to use your FitPAWS® TRAX™ Donut mainly for core conditioning, measure the length of your dog in standing from the front legs to the back legs. Your dog should be able to stand in a natural stance on the top of the Donut without being hunched over. If you dog’s natural stance measures 16” or less, you will be able to use the Donut for core training.

If your dog’s natural stance is more than 16” you can use the FitPAWS TRAX™ Donut with two feet on the ground and two feet on the Donut for weight-bering exercises. You can also use two TRAX™ Donuts, or combine with other FitPAWS products. The goal is to maintain a neutral spine.

Weight 6 oz


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