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Vital Vet Newsletter - July 2022 Issue

Vital Vet Newsletter - July 2022 Issue

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Tarsal Brace that provides customizable support. 
Great stabilization and protection after surgery or cast removal. 
Helps support tarsal joints and relieve pain associated with: ​
  • arthritis, DJD
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • collateral ligament strains and sprains
  • hyperextension
1) Stability Straps
Stability straps can be applied to the outside of the brace for added support.  These stabilizing components Velcro in place anywhere on the brace and can even be layered for greater support.  
2) Self-Adhesive Foam Padding
Foam padding is used to improve comfort and protection of the leg.  Foam padding can be cut to shape and adhered to the inside the brace where needed.  Foam padding is economical and meant to be changed every 2-4 weeks to keep the brace clean and comfortable.  Additional  foam padding can be purchased separately.
Custom braces fit best and provide the greatest comfort and support.  That's why we introduced customizable components to the Tarso-Flex-X.

1) Trimming Tarso-Flex-X
You can trim this brace in both width and height for a better fit.  Cinching straps can be trimmed off if too long.

2) Adjustable Tarsal Angle
Tarsal flexion angle differs with every patient.  With Tarso-Flex-X, the tarsal angle easily adjusts from approx. 120-155 degrees.


For active pets that only need light support, try the Tarso-Flex Sports Wrap.

For pets that need a fully custom brace made specifically for their needs, see Thera-Paw Custom Tarsal Support.

Spot Clean.

To get the most accurate harness size for your furry best friend, match the below measurements as closely as possible to your pal's measurements using the Printable Measuring Tape on this page.

Chest Girth: Measure around the widest part of your dog’s torso, right behind the front legs. Leave room for two fingers to ensure comfort.

Lower Neck Circumference: Harnesses sit lower on the neck than collars, so measure around lower part of the dog’s neck.

If your pet falls in between two sizes, we recommended purchasing the larger size.

SizeChest GirthLower Neck Circumference
X-Small13 - 14.5 inches8 inches
Small14.5 - 17 inches9.5 inches
Medium16 - 18 inches11 inches
Large18 - 21 inches13 inches
X-Large21 - 23 inches15.5 inches