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Self-Adhesive Foam Padding
Provides a Thick, Water-Resistant Layer of Comfort and Protection
for Lining Braces and Boots


  • Strong, self adhesive back sticks well to most braces and boots
  • Water-resistant – can withstand light moisture and cleaning with damp sponge
  • Useful for lining the inside of many braces and boots
  • Ideal for covering seams, edges, and stitching that may irritate the skin as well as lining entire braces
  • Can also be layered for thicker comfort and protection

Foam padding is meant to be changed every 4-8 weeks depending on wear.  Signs that indicate a need to change padding include:

  • padding is matted and/or dirty
  • padding begins to peel
  • padding is completely compressed

Vital Vet Choice for Lining Braces



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