A course to learn useful massage techniques you can use at home to improve well being of your dog!

39 Euro (approx. $47.30 US)

Dr. Jana Gams knows dogs probably better than most people.  She is a veterinarian, certified canine rehab practitioner, and active competitor in Agility and FCI Obedience.

In this course, you will learn to massage and passive range of motion exercises to help:

  • reduce muscle tension and improve regeneration of tissues
  • improve muscle tone and body posture
  • relax the dog’s body whether dealing with degenerative joint diseases like hip or elbow dysplasia, spinal problems, or knee injuries, or for relieving joint pain following surgery
  • decrease risk of injury
  • improve mental awareness

Perfect for:

  • family pets
  • canine athletes
  • senior dogs
  • dogs with aches and pains or joint diseases

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