Anti-Slip Traction Socks
Older or Unstable Pets

Description: Kooltails are non-skid and anti-slip socks with Velcro closure

Uses: Kooltails provide traction for pets that are slipping or are a little unstable when walking indoors on tile or hardwood floors.  They also provide light protection and support for dogs that have small paw wounds, torn nails, SLO, or splaying toes.


  • NONSKID- The thin rubber around the bottom, improves your dog’s traction on slippery surfaces (tile/hardwood floor)
  • RUBBER-COATED FOOT AND TOE CAP -Makes the socks waterproof and keeps paws protected from dampness
  • SAFETY STRAP – This adjustable strap secures the socks on the dog’s feet

Keeping Seniors, Injured, or Weak Dogs Safe in the Home 

Socks are meant as light protection, for indoor use.
To prolong the life of your socks or for limited outdoor use, cover bottoms with duct tape or liquid rubber. Tape and rubber are inexpensive and can be replaced/layered as needed.
We found that applying the outer safety strap just above the paw then folding the top cuff over the strap helps to hold the sock in place better. Also, you can use a piece of VetWrap or an additional Velcro strap to hold the socks in place.
For dogs with painful paws, we found that applying a PAWKS Sock on first, then a KoolTail Sock over it as a second layer gives the pet more padding and protection.


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