• Holds up to 110 lbs
  • Really roomy and wide compartment so can handle bigger / wider dogs
  • Dogs can enter either through the front or the back
  • Minor assembly needed to add the tires
  • Tires are air-filled and tough so they can handle various terrains with excellent shock absorption (pump not included but a bicycle pump will do the trick)
  • Rain / sun canopy included
  • This stroller is lower to the ground so that it’s easier to load/unload larger dogs
  • This is a 3-wheeled stroller, which turns easier than one with 4 wheels
  • Folds easily and compactly
  • Stroller weighs 33 lbs

If you don’t need such a big stroller, try the little brother” version of this stroller, which holds dogs up to 50 lbs.


  • This stroller does not come with padding or a dog bed.  We recommend that you add padding / bedding for a more comfortable journey.
  • This stroller is a little wider than most so make sure it can fit through doorways that you need to access.

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