New to k9 fitness?

Overwhelmed by all the information out there?

Wondering where to even start?

A solid foundation will get you on your way!

Train a SOLID foundation and you will have what it takes to take your k9 fitness to the next level.  Every advanced exercise is an extension of a foundation piece.

If you are experienced with k9 fitness, but not achieving the higher-level goals you have set or maybe you unknowingly skipped some steps along the way. It’s never too late to go back and refine your skills!

Are you still getting front foot movement in down/stands and sit/stands? Is side stepping still a mystery to you? What about pivot and back up – do you understand how to get your dog to shift weight to the rear? These are just some of the questions that will be answered in this class.

Who should participate?

  • Puppies – before growth plate closer – limited repetition
  • Newbies to fitness
  • Those looking to fine-tune their foundation skills

Why take this class?

The foundation exercises and positioning of the exercises taught in this class have been chosen to safely improve the following:

  • Trunk & Core Strength
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Flexibility & Range of Motion
  • Confidence
  • Body Awareness
  • Human/Animal Bond

Advantages of the Online Class

  • Convenience of online learning
  • More time to learn the material than the traditional in person class format
  • Work at your own pace in the convenience of your home
  • Access to the material for at least 1 yr.
Sign up anytime! Depending on when you enroll during the year, you will gain access to the prior 2021 monthly workouts. For example: If you enroll in April 2021, you will gain access to the previously released January – March workouts right away, and then each month after on the 15th of the month through the rest of 2021.

About the Instructor:

Danielle Hall, BFA, CCFT (Certified Canine Fitness Trainer), Bobbie Lyons K9FITteam Member

Danielle completed the University of Tennessee Certified Canine Fitness Trainer program earning a “CCFT” certification. She is also a member of the Bobbie Lyons K9FITteam, an elite team of trainers passionate about canine fitness.

Along with fitness training, Danielle has enjoyed a variety of activities with her rescue dogs including agility, nose work, herding, tricks, dock diving, and disc. They also love to spend time outdoors hiking, camping, and road-tripping.

Danielle is also a lifelong horsewoman combining her knowledge of horses and dogs in both her training and a keen eye for movement.


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