Customized for a variety of carpal conditions, such as:

  • subluxation
  • dysplasia
  • fractures or post-cast removal
  • soft tissue/flexion contractures
  • arthritis, DJD
  • protection/support of limb with osteosarcoma

Product Details

Custom Elbow/Carpal Supports are designed for the pet’s specific needs. These braces can be independently lightweight and flexible or completely immobilizing at the elbow and carpus.  Braces are versatile and stability can be decreased/increased depending on the pet’s needs.

Brace Construction

Fabrication style and materials are chosen based on the pet’s specific needs.  It includes:

  • Outer shell – neoprene, leather, nylon, breathable mesh
  • Outer straps – elastic, nylon, neoprene
  • Inner padding – neoprene, memory foam, waterproof padding, sheepskin
  • Outer stabilizing components – nylon support straps, leather,  thermoplastic sheets, thermoplastic stays, nylon support straps


Elbow/carpal braces can be fabricated with varied degrees of stability. They can be made with consistent support throughout the forelimb (photo A).

Or, with varied support (photo B – brace made with greater stability at the elbow and greater mobility at the carpus).  All braces are lined with soft sheepskin at the axillary area. 


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