Light Support For Front Leg/Wrist High Visibility Neon Orange [Sold Individually (1)]

  • Light support/protection for the front leg/wrist
  • Ideal for mild wrist arthritis, strains, sprains, & weakness
  • High visibility components are ideal for free-roaming, active, and working dogs (e.g., hunting, search & rescue, field trials)
  • Flexible enough to use during high activity (outer straps run above and below the wrist to allow greater flexibility)
  • Protects against re-injury

Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap provides light protection and support for the pet’s wrist.  It can be trimmed for a more customized and intimate fit. A hole can be cut into the Wrap to expose the accessory carpal pad (aka – stopper pad) and/or dew claw.  The stretchy material will not fray when cut. Outer straps are made of elastic and nylon, and provide a stretchy, conforming fit.  These straps can also be cut if too long. Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap is made of washable, easy-to-care-for materials that dry quickly.

Measuring Instructions

  • STEP 1. Use a measuring tape or piece of string to measure around your dog’s ankle/wrist area. [see figure A]
Figure A
  • STEP 2. Measure the distance from the back of your dog’s paw-pad (or the floor) to about half way up your dog’s leg. [See figure B]
Figure B



Small, Medium, Large

Which leg?

Right Forelimb, Left Forelimb


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