Help Animals with Maximum Impact

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Help Animals with Maximum Impact

Like you, we love helping animals.  Donating to rescues is awesome, and we do this as often as possible.  But there are so many animals that need help. So how do we maximize our efforts and make the biggest impact to help the MOST number of animals?  By partnering with Veterinarians International (VI) ... because helping to fund veterinarians from VI helps THOUSANDS of animals.  

Donating to VI helps animals in countless ways because funding even ONE veterinarian helps THOUSANDS of animals! A VI veterinarian can administer hundreds of vaccines to help prevent diseases, perform countless spay/neuters to keep animals safe, provide hundreds of pets with free wellness and emergency care, help highly endangered animals survive, and train dozens of veterinary students to do the same.

And now through December 31, 2021, every $1 you donate will be DOUBLED for MAXIMUM IMPACT.

Veterinarians International (VI) is a global network of veterinarians, animal welfare specialists, and researchers who partner with local communities to help animals in need.  There are many projects they work on, including trying to save endangered species.  Check out their video and consider donating to them and sharing their mission with the world.

Veterinarians International is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization; Tax ID: 46-5277273

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Let’s work together and give them the best life possible!

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