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Strollers aren’t just for children anymore.  Now, there are strollers specifically made for dogs.  And not just little dogs – strollers are available for most dogs, regardless of size, shape, or physical condition.  And strollers are so versatile that you can walk, jog or even bike ride with your favorite furry companion in tow. 

Older or disabled dogs still enjoy family outings and love to be part of the action.  With a stroller, you can take your buddy for longer trips outside so that they can sniff, see other dogs, and socialize.  For dogs, mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise.

These dogs can really benefit from a stroller

  • Little dogs who may not be able to keep up or who may be easily stepped on in crowded areas.  Also, little dogs are constantly needing to look up to see what’s happening, so giving them a higher vantage point from a stroller will help to ease stress on their neck and spine.
  • Senior dogs who don’t have as much endurance and get tired easily.
  • Dogs with arthritis, painful back, knees, hips… that can limit movement.
  • Dogs with weak hind end like those with hip dysplasia or degenerative myelopathy.
  • Dogs in wheelchairs that may need a break from being in their carts.
  • Amputee/tripod dogs who may not be able to go for longer distances. 
  • Dogs with other medical issues like blindness, heart problems, cancer or other conditions that can cause weakness and lack of energy.

     Why choose a stroller over a wagon

    • Strollers are specifically designed for pets and provide more comfort and have features that make life easier for you and your dog.  Wagons can be used to transport pets but most are originally designed for general use around the home.  If you’re looking for a wagon instead of a stroller, click here
    • Most strollers have a retractable, waterproof canopy to protect your dog from the rain and sun.
    • Strollers are taller than wagons, making it easier on your back since you don’t have to do as much bending. 
    • Strollers are pushed while wagons are pulled.  Pushing a stroller is easier than pulling a wagon, and allows you to turn and navigate easier.
    • Strollers are more compact and easier to pack in your car and take on trips.
    • Strollers are more readily accepted indoors, so that you can easily push your pup through buildings that allow pets.

    Strollers can be more expensive than wagons but their pet-focused features make it possible for you to bring them and your pet wherever you go . . . and for us (and many like us), that’s priceless!

    Things to look for when buying a stroller 

    • Size – Make sure it’s long enough to fit your pet’s entire body, including tail.
    • Weight capacity – Make sure the stroller you choose can handle your dog’s weight and any accessories (toys, treats for both of you, water, etc).  This is very important if you have a larger dog since many strollers have weight capacities under 75 lbs.
    • Easily folded and stored – The good thing is that most strollers are foldable but still check to see that the stroller fits in your car or trunk.
    • Comfort – The stroller’s interior should have a soft padded bottom for comfort.  Of course, you can add your own blanket or pet bed but know that this will take up room in the stroller so make sure it’s big enough for both your dog and a blanket.
    • Weather Protection – The stroller should have a protective canopy so that your dog does not get wet when it’s raining or overheat when it’s sunny.  
    •  Terrain friendly – Make sure that the stroller’s tires can handle the terrain where you want to go. Are you planning on taking your pup and stroller to a grassy park, sandy beach, or rocky trail?  If so, then check that your stroller’s tires can handle multiple terrains.

    Vital Vet’s Product Wizard did the research and sourced the best strollers.  Here are our picks.

    VITAL VET’s Overall Best Choice is…(drum roll please)

    Hercules Pet Stroller for Medium and Large Dogs

    • Holds up to 110 lbs
    • Really roomy and wide compartment so can handle bigger / wider dogs
    • Dogs can enter either through the front or the back
    • Minor assembly needed to add the tires
    • Tires are air-filled and tough so they can handle various terrains with excellent shock absorption (pump not included but a bicycle pump will do the trick)
    • Rain / sun canopy included
    • This stroller is lower to the ground so that it’s easier to load/unload larger dogs
    • This is a 3-wheeled stroller, which turns easier than one with 4 wheels
    • Folds easily and compactly
    • Stroller weighs 33 lbs
    If you don’t need such a big stroller, try the little brother” version of this stroller, which holds dogs up to 50 lbs.


    • This stroller does not come with padding or a dog bed.  We recommend that you add padding / bedding for a more comfortable journey.
    • This stroller is a little wider than most so make sure it can fit through doorways that you need to access.


    1) Pet Rover Tital HD Premium Super-size Stroller SUV


    • This stroller has an attached ramp, which is really great for helping you get your dog in and out of the stroller
    • No assembly required and rubber tires do not need to be inflated
    • 6 All-terrain rubber tires makes this stroller extremely stable and able to handle most terrains
    • This stroller has a multi-level canopy, so that it can be stretched out just a little to protect your dog from mild sun or can cover the whole stroller in case it’s really sunny or rainy
    • It also has a comfortable and removable and washable inner pad so that you don’t need a blanket or dog bed
    • Can hold up to 100 lbs
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Pet Compartment Floor Size: 32″ Long (this is the important measurement – when your dog is lying down, measure their length from their neck, down their spine to the base of their tail and make sure it’s 32″ or less) x 20″ wide


    • Folds down for easy storage and transportation
    • Stroller weighs 30 lbs

    For our lovable wee bits

    2) 5-in-1 Pet Carrier with Backpack for Small Dogs and Cats

    This is the “transformer” of pet strollers! 

    • It converts easily into a shoulder carrier, pet car seat, stroller, backpack, or pet carrier with wheels – for your little guys, this one does it all!
    • Recommended weight limit: 16 lbs
    • Plenty of ventilation
    • Front tires swivel 360 degrees


    Some people found that the interior is a bit narrow so we recommend this stroller for toy breeds and cats, and dogs weighing no more than 14 lbs.

    3) Pet Gear NO-Zip Stroller 

    • This is the more economical choice in pet strollers – It’s a heavy-duty stroller without the heavy-duty price tag
    • We really like the No-Zip entry, which is a cool and unique feature that lets you lock and unlock the doors with the push of a button
    • Dual-entry so dogs can enter through front or back of the stroller
    • Hold up to 100 lbs
    • Canopy protects your dog from sun and rain
    • 4 air-ride tires – in general, 4-wheeled strollers are more stable than 3-wheeled strollers
    • Foldable for easy transportation


    • Interior of stroller: 26″ long (this is the important measurement – when your dog is lying down, measure their length from their neck, down their spine to the base of their tail and make sure it’s 32″ or less) x 15″ wide  x 20″ high
    • Stroller weighs 19 lbs, making it lighter than its above competitors


    If you like the No-Zip concept but need something bigger, check out the:

    “older brother” version that can hold dogs up to 150 lbs. 

    If you feel like going for a bike ride, try this one:

    4) Bike Trailer Cargo Cart for Pets

    • Universal bicycle hitch included – easily attaches to most bikes
    • Weight limit 66 lbs
    • Provides great shade
    • Zippered doors on front, back, and top for easy access and plenty of ventilation
    • Foldable for easy storage
    • Leash hook inside so that you can clip your dog in for safety (leash not included, of course)

    If you want recommendations for a product or device for a pet with special needs, contact Vital Vet’s Product Wizard

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    Let’s work together and give them the best life possible!

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