Remarkable Treatment for Equine Founder - The Assisi Loop

Remarkable Treatment for Equine Founder - The Assisi Loop

Remarkable Treatment for Equine Founder - The Assisi Loop

Molly is a 17-year-old Icelandic pony mare with a history of lameness originating 6 months prior to examination on July 1, 2014. She presented with 3 /5 lameness and bounding digital pulses in all four feet. She could barely walk and lived on rich grass with moderate alfalfa pasture 24 hours a day.

 Due to the owner’s limited budget, a blood insulin/glucose ratio diagnosis was not an option, but atrial treatment with 12 mg Levothyroxine Thyro-L® POSID (once a day) suggested that the underlying cause of her condition was Equine Metabolic Syndrome. Radiographs were taken of all four feet and showed significant rotation:


Radiographs 1st.png

After 2 weeks of living in a dry lot on grass hay and 12 mg Thyro-L® PO SID, Molly’s digital pulses were barely palpable and we initiated 15-minute treatments with the Assisi Loop BID (two times per day). The Assisi Loop was placed with its focal point over the dorsal portion of the coronet band on each hoof.


After 30 days of Assisi Loop 15 min BID treatment, radiographs revealed the following results:

  • Right front 20.60° rotation (4.67° improvement)
  • Left front 16.20° rotation (8.20° improvement)
  • Right hind 7.55° rotation (4.63° improvement)
  • Left hind 6.19° rotation (5.13° improvement)


Clinically, Molly’s lameness was resolving to 2/5 on all four feet, plus she had no digital pulses in any of her four feet. The treatment protocol was continued for 6 more months. During the following 180 days, Molly continued to improve with no lameness, no digital pulses, and steady decreasing rotation in all four feet.


Radiographic exam findings after 180 additional days of treatment:Radiographs 2nd.png

Clinically, she is now able to trot and buck like an un-affected horse. Her owner, a 10-year-old boy, can ride her and she is also happy to pull a cart with 2 people in it again.

 Molly has returned to living in the pasture with the herd and is continuing to receive the Assisi Loop 15 minutes BID treatment until her coffin bone rotation resolves.

Author: Aslaug Mandel, DVM, CVA, CCRT, CERP


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