Gluteal Exercises for the Dog

Gluteal Exercises for the Dog

Gluteal Exercises for the Dog

A note from Laurie Edge-Hughes:  The inspiration for this blog came from an article that I read regarding exercises for the gluteal muscles in people.  Essentially, the article talked about training the glutes in 3 different positions and how this was key for full retraining of gluteal function.  That got my head spinning to think about whether we could do this in dogs.  The video blog (vlog) below contains my thoughts on the subject.  

Happy Gluteal Thinking!

Cheers,  Laurie

Author: Laurie Edge-Hughe, BScPT, MAnimSt (Animal Physio), CAFCI, CCRT



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My 1yr old ALD is dealing with lameness in rear legs, first right, just as that healed after laser therapy the left side started. Xrays ok-deep muscle pulls-but why-so upsetting


Glad I found you. My Mal has partial ACL tears. HAS BEEN IN PT for 6 months. Slow going. Trying to avoid surgery


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