Amputation Recovery Tips for Multi-Cat Homes

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When you have two or more cats, a leg amputation for one can create havoc in the pride. For an easier transition into the Tripawd life, these amputation recovery tips for multi-cat homes can help.

Amputation Advice from a Trikitty Expert

Cats have an amazing sense of smell that’s about fourteen times more powerful than our own. So when one has been to the vet, other cats in the home instantly know it. It’s not uncommon for other housemates to lash out at the new amputee, or behave oddly around them. 

Thankfully, Tripawds member Michelle (chelleb78) wrote a wonderful post in her blog “Little Man: Loving Life on Three Legs.” It’s from 2016, before Little Man went to the Rainbow Bridge, but her advice is still spot-on. In his honor, we’re sharing the highlights with you today.

Amputation Recovery Tips for Multi-Cat Homes

amputation recovery tips for cats
Little Man’s pride. Image:

Michelle’s blog post called “Suggestions for Stressful Times in a Multiple Cat Household” is so helpful if you are living in a multi-cat home.

If you have more than one cat, and one will undergo amputation, make sure take steps before surgery to prepare for the disruption. You’ll find that Michelle’s post about coping with multiple cats after amputation surgery is well worth reading in its entirety. For now, here are a few highlights:

Have a stack of pet bath wipes ready for the new Trikitty.

When the new Tripawd cat member of the family comes home from the hospital, wipe them down good to remove as much of the vet clinic scent as possible.

Keep the cats separated after amputation.

It may not be easy to separate and later re-introduce them to one another. But it may reduce the likelihood of aggressive behavior toward the patient. It’s important to take your cats’ personalities into consideration when deciding if they should be together during recovery. 

“I started with just a few minutes at a time, working up to feeding them together, and eventually getting back to their old schedule,” said Michelle.

Try pheromone diffusers and collars.

cat pheromone diffuser
Try a cat pheromone diffuser, collar or wipes.

“Pheromones are chemical signals which are widely used for animal communication,” explains Feliway, the most well-known cat pheromone product maker. “When emitted by one individual, pheromones are then detected by other individuals from the same species. The messages conveyed by the pheromones affect behavior.”

Pheromones come in many forms, such as time-released room scents, sprays and collars. Pheromone wipes can be used inside your kitty carrier for anxiety relief on the go. Wipe the inside walls so that you can create a safer, comfier retreat for your new Tripawd. 

Spend more quality time with your new Trikitty

amputation recovery tips for multi-cat homes
Little Man, we will always remember you.

The other cats in the house may refuse to be around your new three-legged hero. If so, your Trikitty may react with depression or anxiety. To make sure your new Tripawd cat knows that they are still part of the pride, spend more quality time together, without the other cats. Brushing, massaging and just cuddling will send a message that your new Tripawd cat still belongs.

Read the original post, “Suggestions for Stressful Times in a Multiple Cat Household.

Authors: Rene Aqrodano, Jim Nelson and Jerry (Tripod and star of the show!)