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WALKABOUT KNEE BRACE: helps support the knee joint

WALKABOUT KNEE BRACE: helps support the knee joint

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About This Item

Our 3mm neoprene brace has been used to rehabilitate the knee joints on thousands of dogs and cats with minor to major joint issues ranging from:

  • overuse
  • cranial cruciate ligament tears
  • luxating (dislocating) patella
  • arthritis

The Walkabout Knee support brace will keep the joint compressed and stabilized to allow any inflammation to calm down. This will give the joint a chance to heal. In cases of mild instability, the joint is held secure.

Keeping your Senior, Injured, or Weak Dog Safe in the Home

Vital Tips: Vital Vet believes that custom knee orthotics provide the best support and stability for your pet's knee, and that soft knee braces like this can be used as a cost-effective, short-term alternative for pets with mild-moderate knee/stifle issues.  Please consult with your veterinary rehabilitation professional about the best choice for your pet.