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WALKIN' SUPPORT SLING: dog sling that provides full body support

WALKIN' SUPPORT SLING: dog sling that provides full body support

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About This Item

  • SAFELY GIVES PETS AND PET PARENTS THE LIFT THEY NEED - The Walkin’ Dog Harness helps give your best friend all the comfort and support they need. Our body lift sling harness is designed for dogs with overall leg weakness and pets recovering from surgery. It allows you to give your pet a little support while protecting your back from unnecessary strain – easier than using a towel, and more comfortable for your dog.
  • EASY TO USE DESIGN - Having a dog with limited mobility can be challenging for both pet and pet parents. Simply slip our dog lift support harness under your pet’s midsection and secure on top with the quick and easy touch-fastener closures. Its height-adjustable handles make mobility support pain-free.
  • KEEPS YOUR PET COMFORTABLE AND INJURY-FREE - Help your dog with overall leg weakness free from injury by giving them a supportive lift when walking. Our support harness is made of 50/50 washable denim and lined with fleece for your dog’s comfort.
  • HELP P ETS HEAL - The Walkin’ Dog Body Lift Harness is a safe way to help your pet bounce back from surgery. It’s easier than using a towel to support your dog and it doesn’t wrinkle or bunch. Ideal during post-op recovery and rehabilitation. The lift support harness allows you to give your dog time to recover from medical procedures safely.
  • FIND THE PERFECT FIT - You can always find a full body dog harness that fits your pet perfectly. This dog body support harness is available in 6 different sizes and is held in place by touch fasteners to ensure a snug fit.

Our Blue Denim Walkin' Support Slings are lined with comfy fleece to support your pet with ease. Doesn't wrinkle and bunch like a sheet or a towel and the handles can protect your back from injury. Helps prevent injury to dogs with overall leg weakness. Great for Post-surgical rehabilitation. Made of 50/50 washable denim lined with comfortable fleece, held on your dog with convenient velcro. Walkin' Support Sling allows you to maneuver your dog without lifting the entire weight. Some dogs lose the ability to move like they once did. Handles are adjustable.