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MYCOGEN FOR DOGS: Support Immune System with 8 Types of Mushrooms

MYCOGEN FOR DOGS: Support Immune System with 8 Types of Mushrooms

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Mycogen for Dogs

Vitamins with 8 Types of Mushrooms

Support Immune System

  • IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER - Keep your Furry Best Friends healthy and strong with Mycogen Vitamins Soft Chews from Pet Health Solutions. Keeping your dog fit is one of the best ways to boost immune health and promote overall well-being. Dog chews vitamins provide powerful immune system support that is beneficial for dogs of all breeds. With Mycogen, you can have peace of mind that your dogs are getting the right nutrition that they need. Available in 60 palatable soft chews, 450 g.
  • SOFT CHEWS SALIENT FEATURES - These Mycogen dog vitamins for immune system feature 8 types of mushrooms with added vitamins that ensure proper absorption of ingredients. Our immune booster for dogs uses the natural power of mushrooms to help support your dog's immune system. Mushrooms contain powerful antioxidants that help fight off and prevent infection. This power is harnessed into palatable soft chews that are easy to administer. Safe for pregnant animals.
  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT - These Soft Chews energy supplements are effective natural antioxidants to combat any disease. As your dog ages, different organs’ natural functions start to decline. Our immune support Soft Chews include multi-vitamins: Vitamin E keeps the immune system strong, while vitamin C protects joints and provides energy making them strong enough to fight diseases and sustain good health. The Powerful antioxidants fight germs and infection.
  • NASC QUALITY SEAL - Our products meet all the quality and safety standards set by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) with a Certificate issued in October 2017. The NASC Quality Seal is obtained by companies whose products commit to quality, vigilance, and continuous improvement to promote the well-being of companion animals. Products are determined to have consistent quality control and accurate labels.
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENTS AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Give mushroom supplement soft chews directly to your dog or crumble it over their food. Can be given during or after mealtime. Double the daily amount for the first three weeks. Active Ingredients per Soft Chew: Turkey Tail, Reishi Mushroom, Caterpillar (Cordyceps militaris), Antrodia, Himematsutake, Maitake Mushroom, Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate), Vitamin E, Shiitake Mushroom, Black Tree Fungus, Vitamin A, Coenzyme Q-10, Selenium, Vitamin E.
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