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PHYSICAL THERAPIST: Amie Lamoreaux Hesbach, PT, DPT, MS, NCPT, CCRP, CCRT, CKTP (Certified KinesioTaping Practitioner)


I offer a virtual mobility consultation service for pet parents worldwide.  From the comfort of your home, at a time that’s convenient for you, I collaborate with you and your veterinary medical team to provide a comprehensive, one-on-one coaching solutions.  I provide consults for Pet Parents:

  • To assure a safe and comfortable home environment for their pet upon his return home from hospitalization, surgery, or injury
  • A simple, less overwhelming exercise and activity program for their pet following hospitalization, surgery, or injury
  • More convenient access to an expert in animal physical therapy and rehabilitation

I offer consults for a variety of common orthopedic and neurologic conditions.  Whether your pet is recovering for surgery or injury, or has pain or a progressive condition like degenerative myelopathy or disc disease, I can help.  


I can make changes in the way you perform exercises and I can recommend appropriate exercises as well as braces, assistive and mobility aids, and techniques to help your pet stay comfortable and move better.  My 20 years of experience in animal physical therapy and rehabilitation means that I have worked with all kinds of pets and taught thousands of pet parents and professionals.

If contacting me for help with a pet following injury or illness, I will need the following information before the consult 

  • Pet's name, breed, weight, age
  • Pet's injury or issue
  • When did injury or issue occur
  • In what sport or activity is the pet involved
  • Why are you seeking a consult
  • Veterinary professional who is currently treating the pet including clinic name, phone, e-mail

Once you purchase the consult, you will be provided with instructions.

Teleconsultations for Pet Parents and Trainers & Handlers

A Teleconsultation is a live pet care visit that's done using a cell phone, tablet, or computer. You can access Vital Vet Consultants from around the world without ever leaving your home. Each Consultant is carefully chosen for their expertise in a specific area including orthopedic and neurologic conditions, sports medicine, athletic conditioning and return to sport, rehabilitation and physical therapy, holistic therapies, assistive products and equipment, and much more. Consultants answer questions and teach skills and techniques useful for pets. You may recognize our Consultants - they are some of the top people and pioneers in their field. We are incredibly lucky to have them as Consultants, and our pets are the better for it. 

Teleconsultations for Veterinary Care Professionals 

A Teleconsultation is a live patient care visit that's done using a cell phone, tablet, or computer. You can access Vital Vet Consultants from around the world without leaving your clinic. This is an excellent way to co-treat with a specialist without impacting your veterinary-client-patient relationship. Each Consultant is carefully chosen for their expertise in a specific area including orthopedic and neurologic conditions, sports medicine, athletic conditioning and return to sport, rehabilitation and physical therapy, holistic therapies, assistive products and equipment, and much more.

What Happens After I Book a Teleconsultation?

Your Consultant will contact you to schedule a convenient virtual appointment date. You may be asked to submit information about your pet to review before your meeting. Most appointments are scheduled within 5 business days of purchase but can be made sooner, if needed. That's it. We want to make it as simple as possible for you and your pet to get the help you need.

Amie is a doctor of physical therapy who has more than 20 years of experience in animal physical therapy and rehabilitation. She has taught thousands of pet parents, trainers and handlers of animal athletes, and animal rehabilitation therapists in one-on-one consultations, lectures, and workshops across the world. 


Amie is certified in Canine Rehabilitation through both the University of Tennessee (UT) and the Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI). She has expertise and experience in the application of manual therapy techniques (including IASTM), therapeutic and functional exercise training, injury prevention, and proprioceptive and neuromuscular retraining in orthopaedic, athletic, and neurologic patients and clients. 


Amie owns and operates EmpowerPhyioPeT, an in-home animal rehabilitation and physical therapy practice near Boston, Massachusetts.

"I was thrilled with the entire process.  The pre-consult was an easy process.  The video consult was a great tool and I am glad that we were able to do that call with Penne and her foster mom present.  I loved being able to demonstrate with Penne and get real-time feedback from you as we worked.  The post-consult report was thorough and very informative. The images included were tremendously helpful for reference.  I love the format of the report.  It is wonderful that you can affirm and support the successful techniques that have been working, along with very insightful recommendations for future work with Penne.  I love neuro-rehab, and I look to those who are experienced in the field for guidance and knowledge.  I am very appreciative that you were able to make this happen for us, and I am excited to incorporate the techniques that you advised into her program.  This entire process has been a positive experience for me as a therapist, and I would gladly utilize this service in the future.  Working in collaboration with fellow rehabilitation therapists is such a valuable resource. I truly appreciate the positive feedback and the guidance that you provided. At no point did I feel critiqued or scrutinized, it was a positive and collaborative effort.  Thank you again for all of your help.  P.S.:  I heard from the foster mom this morning, who said that Penne actually took a step with her left hind leg this morning!  I am so thankful that she is making these gains.  She shows us just enough progress each week to keep us going.  :)Lisa, Canine Rehabilitation Professional, Pennsylvania, US


"It was a pleasure to have Amie come to our home. She's attentive, thorough and professional. She not only demonstrates each activity, but follows up with a written explanation, which we especially appreciate." Linda


"Amie was absolutely amazing with our rescue dog who came to our family as a tripod. With Amie’s expertise in physical therapy, she literally changed our pup’s ability to function daily for the better. She was always calm, patient, kind, and completely won over our dog who was very timid and wary of anything and anyone new. She was excellent at showing us what we needed to do between her visits, answered any concerns and questions both clearly and patiently, and was always positive and reassuring. She made a night and day difference for our dog whose life continues to be even more full than was ever expected. We would highly recommend her." Jonathan


"Thank you so very much. I am beyond grateful." David 


"Our dog loves you! You helped him so much, even in just one visit. Keep up the amazing work!". Katherine


"Amie is a pioneering member of STAAR - Symposium on Therapeutic Advances in Animal Rehabilitation - and has been a key contributor of the Program for many years.  She is well-organized, informative, and interactive with her students, finding ways to explain, demonstrate, and exemplify techniques and principles to accommodate varied learning styles.  Amie is passionate about veterinary rehabilitation and physical therapy, and continues her research and learning so that she can bring the most cutting edge information to her students and clients.  Amie believes that a team approach is a key ingredient for ultimate success, and works well with all members of the pet health team to achieve goals.Ilaria Borghese, CEO & Co-Founder, STAAR Conference


"We had the pleasure of working with Amie when our Border Collie, Tug, pulled up lame with a psoas strain. Amie examined Tug thoroughly on our first visit and then prescribed a series of exercises for her. Because schedules are busy, we did a lot of work with Amie via video! Before progressing to more difficult exercises or more strenuous activities, we’d send a series of videos of Tug doing her exercises and/or moving about. Amie would analyze them at full speed and in slow motion and would offer feedback, both about how Tug looked and what to do next. It was a great way allow Amie to closely guide Tug’s rehab, even though there were several weeks between visits.Nolan, New Hampshire, US


"I compete nationally with my dogs in agility and am boarded in veterinary surgery and sports medicine. As a surgeon rehabilitation therapy is key to the overall success to my patients and I want the best for my patients. Amie is the best! I trust her knowledge and understanding getting dogs back on the podium or hiking with the owners. She stays current and is able to see the pet as a whole - not just the injury - she is key to getting your pet back into better shape and balance than ever before.  With everyone so busy online video reviews and consults are amazing! Amie can see if you are performing home exercises correctly, see if your pet is having difficulty performing a task, or see your pet in its own environment exercising and how they are progressing or seeing a subtle lameness. My own dogs have been treated and maintained by Amie and with my schedule the ability to send her videos and be analyzed is perfect! And I am very selective who works on my kids! She sees exactly how they are moving and give recommendations as needed. Amie not only has the knowledge but is easy to communicate with and will be honest with you and do everything she can to help you get your best friend back in the game!Mich, DVM, DACVS, DACVSMR, CCRT