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MILK THISTLE FOR DOGS: Liver Detox Support

MILK THISTLE FOR DOGS: Liver Detox Support

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About This Item

Milk Thistle for Dogs and Cats

Essential Detoxification Support for Liver Health

Natural Vet Formulated Supplement for Pets

Milk Thistle is a herb with no equivalent in conventional medicine! It helps remove toxic chemicals that can accumulate in your pet’s system when taking pharmaceuticals or from chemically laden foods - especially in the liver and kidneys, which act like filters for the body.


Milk Thistle's active ingredient is known as silymarin. Scientific studies show that the flavonoids in silymarin contain strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxifying properties, improve liver and kidney function. and also promote cellular regeneration and repair. The silymarin compound also detoxifies the liver and helps support, strengthen and regenerate liver function.


The silymarin compound in Milk Thistle is beneficial in supporting a pet's kidneys and liver that may be damaged due to the use of drugs and radiation therapy, and for kidney damage caused by diabetes or infections.


Milk Thistle extract is high in antioxidant properties, which act as free radical scavengers. Research is also showing that it may in fact help support a pets body when it is being attacked by mutated cells and helps slows down the growth of certain cells that cause serious health issues in cats and dogs.


NHV Milk Thistle is glycerin based and safe for long-term use. It is a safe herb that is well tolerated by cats and dogs. It is herb that is recommended and used by holistic practitioners.

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Contact your veterinary professional before use to make sure this is right for your pet