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VETERINARIAN: Jane McNae, BVSc, MANZCVs (Surg), PGCert (Med Ed), CCRT, MRCVS, Dip A Phys


I have examined, diagnosed, and treated with medicine, surgery, and physiotherapy all the common conditions a pet may suffer - I've seen it all. 

My areas of focus include elderly and arthritic pets, post-surgical patients, canine athletes, obese animals, and those with neurological impairments.

My physiotherapy and rehabilitation focuses on the PAW trilogy approach (developed by Paws in Motion), which stands for: PLACE (P), ACTIVITY (A), and WELLBEING (W) - and I take all these aspects into consideration to provide a well-rounded review with advice on what actions can be taken to enhance pet mobility and recovery.  I provide consultative services for Pet Parents to help with:   

  • Explaining the relevance of previously diagnosed condition(s) and how best to proceed for your individual pet
  • Advice and understanding of multiple ways to help with pain at home
  • Guidance in the pros and cons for selection and use of mobility support devices, techniques, modalities (machines) and therapy options available for your pet’s needs
  • Finding solutions for tricky pets and difficulties regarding your pet’s exercise plan
  • I provide more convenient access to an independent expert in veterinary physical therapy and rehabilitation
    I am a veterinarian and surgeon with a specialty in rehabilitation and wellness. I have examined, diagnosed, and treated with medicine, surgery, and physiotherapy all the common conditions a pet may suffer - I've seen it all! My areas of focus include elderly and arthritic pets, post-surgical patients, canine athletes, obese animals, and those with neurological impairments. I provide a collaborative approach, finding solutions for dogs, cats, and rabbits and I help you understand how you can help your pet to improve with the support of veterinary and rehabilitation professionals.

    If contacting me for help with a pet following injury or illness, I will need the following information before the consult:

    • Pet's medical records
    • Pet's current level of activity
    • Pet's diet
    • Pet's current medications and treatments
    • Your reason for seeking a consult
    • Your goals for this consultation
    • Veterinary professional who is currently treating the pet including clinic name, phone, e-mail

    Once you purchase the consult, you will be provided with instructions.

    A Teleconsultation is a live pet care visit that's done using a cell phone, tablet, or computer. You can access Vital Vet Consultants from around the world without ever leaving your home. Each Consultant is carefully chosen for their expertise in a specific area including orthopedic and neurologic conditions, sports medicine, athletic conditioning and return to sport, rehabilitation and physical therapy, holistic therapies, assistive products and equipment, and much more. Consultants answer questions and teach skills and techniques useful for pets. You may recognize our Consultants - they are some of the top people and pioneers in their field. We are incredibly lucky to have them as Consultants, and our pets are the better for it.

    What Happens After I Book a Teleconsultation?

    Your Consultant will contact you to schedule a convenient virtual appointment date. You may be asked to submit information about your pet to review before your meeting. Most appointments are scheduled within 5 business days of purchase but can be made sooner, if needed. That's it. We want to make it as simple as possible for you and your pet to get the help you need.

    Dr. Jane McNae is an Australian Veterinarian working in Hong Kong, where she has worked for much of her career. She is certified in canine rehabilitation (CCRT) as well as holding a Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy from the UK.

    Dr. Jane graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia in 1997. She is a Member by examination of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in Small Animal Surgery and has worked in general practice and emergency medicine in both HK and UK. A diverse career, Dr Jane has also worked extensively in the field of pet nutritional supplements and associated research in US and UK. She was the Course Director and Lecturer for the Royal Veterinary College, University of London, delivering Asia’s first degree in Veterinary Nursing.

    Dr. Jane started Paws in Motion, Hong Kong’s first dedicated physiotherapy and rehabilitation practice, bringing this fantastic discipline to Asia, and keeping pets fit for life!

    "Cookie is having a happier life after her knee ligament rupture rehabilitation.  Our helper was taking her for a walk and apparently there was a party in the mud she had to go to.... Came back over 2 and a half hours later. Poor helper was so stressed, as we're! But she clearly had the best time! She now wears her GPS tracker at all times.  Her knees are definitely not holding her back!!! Thanks for the fantastic job you did!She’s as strong as an ox now and her curved back from when you first met her and all her leg issues are a thing of the past. Thanks for the fantastic job you did!" KIRA (PET:COOKIE)


    "Dau Dau started walking again after his spinal injury.  Extremely fortunately we were referred to Dr. Jane very early in his recuperation stages. She set out realistic expectations from day one, making sure we understood she was not Hermione Granger, but she would be able to deliver a custom exercise routine for our dog, with respect to our time and space limitations, to maximize what Dau Dau could achieve. One of the positives about home therapy sessions was she was working in the space and environment where Dau Dau lived and would be undergoing their exercises so she could really work out what exercises was possible. We were also realistic in understanding we weren’t aiming to see him come back 100% post such a serious prognosis, but we were hopeful he could restore some primitive mobility and basic quality of life.  One of the best things to happen on our journey in seeking the best recovery options for our beloved 9 year old Pomeranian Dau Dau was being introduced to Dr. Jane."  ADRIAN (PET:DAU DAU)


    "Snoop is more happy now and he can resume his daily walking exercise!  Our 18 years old Shih Tzu boy Snoop used to love running and walking until recently he could not walk with his front legs. He is suffering from Vestibular disease as well as neck problem, hence affecting this front legs. We made him a cart to support him however, that is for supporting only and his two legs were still like frozen and could not move. He sometimes got frustrated. We met with Dr Jane and Dr Sonya and they both are very nice and professional. Dr Jane has identified the issue and has designed a set of programs for him, including daily home exercise, laser treatment on a weekly basis and the Assisi loop. With only one laser treatment, Snoop is able to walk using all his four legs, especially the front legs, walking with the cart. He is more happy now and he can resume his daily walking exercise!" ANGELA (PET:SNOOP)


    "Rosie our dear poodle doggie was rescued with a deformed elbow & two bad back legs; we were told that she would need to be amputated and get surgeries on her back legs; but has fortunately been referred to Dr. Jane, who has always been so patient, and tailor designed various fun and helpful home exercise for Rosie to regain muscle strength.

    Rosie went through a surgery on her front elbow, Dr. Jane and her team has been so supportive making the post-surgery recovery period so much more copable, not only in giving us advices/recommendations/exercises on how to help her recover, but also giving us a lot of emotional support, so we know that things will be ok!  Dr. Jane also always take time to explain to us how the muscles/ joints work, which is very interesting.  We hope that more people willl benefit from Paws in Motion's services!  CONNIE (PET:ROSIE)


    “Improving Sky's quality of life with exercises.  Dear Dr Jane and Sarah, We Ma Wanians wanted to express our sincere gratitude for all you have done for the Park Island guard dogs, Peaceful and Sky. You have brought Sky a harness and a peanut ball to help him stand and walk. These were his best moments in the last stage. You always give careers very clear explanations and keep all parties well-informed. It's people like you two that really care and that really make this world a better place. All your professional advice to the management office helped Peaceful and particularly Sky received better treatment and care that he needed. We couldn't thank you enough.” NATALIE, volunteers and residents at Park Island.