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PHYSICAL THERAPIST: Jean Pavlakos, PT, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner


I am an expert in sports rehabilitation for performance dogs, and care for the senior pet.  I offer virtual consultation services for pet companions and canine athletes.  I also consult on care and early intervention for puppies being groomed as future athletes.  In addition, I treat cats and am happy to discuss mobility issues and exercise strategies specifically geared toward the feline pet.

The most common conditions on which I consult are:
  • muscle/tendon injuries
  • arthritis care and management
  • CCL tears including surgery and post-operative care and exercise
  • Senior care, comfort, and mobility at home
  • neurological conditions
  • gait and postural imbalance


Though my expertise is in sports rehabilitation for performance dogs and puppies being groomed as future athletes, I also devote a lot of time to working with senior pets and cats. Senior pets have special needs and requirements, and I enjoy working with pet parents to keep their dogs as comfortable and mobile as possible for as long as possible. Quality of life and joyful living are my goals when working with seniors. Cats need specific care too. Many cats wont tolerate the same treatments that are done with dogs, so cats need special consideration and care, especially when trying to exercise cats after they've had an injury. This can be tricky but I can help.

If contacting me for help with a pet following injury or illness, I will need the following information before the consult:

  • Pet's name, breed, weight, age
  • Pet's injury or issue
  • When did injury or issue occur
  • In what sport or activity is the pet involved
  • Why are you seeking a consult
  • Veterinary professional who is currently treating the pet including clinic name, phone, e-mail

Once you purchase the consult, you will be provided with instructions.

A Teleconsultation is a live pet care visit that's done using a cell phone, tablet, or computer. You can access Vital Vet Consultants from around the world without ever leaving your home. Each Consultant is carefully chosen for their expertise in a specific area including orthopedic and neurologic conditions, sports medicine, athletic conditioning and return to sport, rehabilitation and physical therapy, holistic therapies, assistive products and equipment, and much more. Consultants answer questions and teach skills and techniques useful for pets. You may recognize our Consultants - they are some of the top people and pioneers in their field. We are incredibly lucky to have them as Consultants, and our pets are the better for it.

What Happens After I Book a Teleconsultation?

Your Consultant will contact you to schedule a convenient virtual appointment date. You may be asked to submit information about your pet to review before your meeting. Most appointments are scheduled within 5 business days of purchase but can be made sooner, if needed. That's it. We want to make it as simple as possible for you and your pet to get the help you need.

Jean is a physical therapist (PT) and is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP obtained from the University of Tennessee). She has worked as a canine rehabilitation therapist for over 15 years and has received advanced training in spinal mobilization, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercise. She is featured in the book, “Successful Practitioners in Canine Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy.” Additionally, Jean has worked as a human PT for over 35 years, which has sharpened her ability to see and feel lameness, imbalance, and restriction of movement.
  • "I cannot say enough about the care that my dogs have received from Jean ... .  Jean provides more than physical therapy – she provides genuine love, caring and concern for each animal and owner."
  • "I truly believe had it not been for the rehabilitation Maximus received with Jean ... and by using the Canine Underwater Treadmill, he would have never been able to work the streets of Cincinnati ever again."  Officer John J. Neal - Cincinnati Police Department Canine Division
  • "Scarlett, a fence-hopping Brittany was hit by a car on a snowy New Year’s Eve.  After undergoing a femoral head resection, Scarlett was referred to Jean for her post-surgery physical therapy.  After a thorough course of exercise and laser therapy, Scarlett not only made a complete recovery but went back to fence-hopping! "  
  • "Max, my twelve year old Brittany is cursed with terrible conformation, as well as bad luck.  Jean has seen him though ACL tears, severe arthritis in nearly all joints, shoulder issues and Max is still able to enjoy chasing birds thorough it all, due to the love, cookies and physical therapy treatments he receives 'from Jean' ".
  • "When my agility competition dog, Tressel, received a potentially career-ending shoulder dislocation, my first call after seeing his veterinarian was to Jean ....  With a combination of laser therapy, muscle stretching and targeted exercise, not only did he recover but went on to achieve his Master Agility Champion (MACH) six months later..."