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Carpo-Flex-X provides moderate support/protection for the front leg/wrist.  Carpo-Flex-X is made of washable, easy-to-care-for materials. This brace can be trimmed for a more custom fit.  Carpo-Flex-X includes nylon support straps to provide stability where it is needed most. Additional stability straps can be purchased for pets with more severe or painful wrist problems. Foam padding can also be added inside the Carpo-Flex-X for added comfort. *Veterinary Professionals - shop Thera-Paw for Professional Pricing.


  • arthritis (e.g., immune-mediated polyarthritis)
  • degenerative joint disease
  • hyperextension injuries
  • ligament strains and sprains
  • wrist deviation/deformity
  • can be used as a transitional support after cast or splint removal
    Leg braces need to fit well (hug the limb) in order to provide the best support. You can place a plastic PVC pipe over a dog's leg, and though PVC is super strong, it will do nothing to stabilize a pet's leg because it does not conform to the shape of the leg.
    Dogs are tough to fit for braces. This is because there is more variability in the shape and size of the dog than any other mammal in the world. Did you get that? In the world! Pretty amazing! So it's not easy to come up with a "Small, Medium, Large..." size that fits most dogs. But Thera-Paw has come the closest we've seen outside of a completely custom brace. This is because Thera-Paw's Carpo-Flex-X can be cut to fit - In fact, it can be trimmed anywhere that does not have stitching. Both the width and the length of the brace can be trimmed for a better fit. On top of that, the brace can be made more supportive with the addition of stability straps that can be applied in various configurations depending on your dog's needs. No wonder the Carpo-Flex-X is Thera-Paw's #1 selling product. And deservedly so!
    Bonus features of the Carpo-Flex-X are that it's even more customizable - you can apply some self-adhesive padding (sold separately) inside to make it more comfortable, and you can even buy more stability straps if your dog needs more support. And the brace is completely washable - it's made of wetsuit material. Cool!

    SIZES in inches
    • X-Small: circumference (A) 3"-3 3/4" x height (B) 3 1/2"
    • Small: circumference (A) 3 1/4"-4" x height (B) 4 1/2"
    • Medium: circumference (A) 4 1/2" - 6" x height (B) 7"
    • Large: circumference (A) 6"-8" x height (B) 8.5"
    • X-Large: circumference (A) 7"-9 1/4" x height (B) 9 1/2"

    How to Measure
    (A) measurement = circumference
    . Use a measuring tape* and measure around your pet's wrist area at the widest point, including the accessory carpal pad (stopper pad).
    (B) measurement = height. Use a measuring tape and measure the distance from the back of your pet's paw (floor level) to half-way up the leg.

    *if you do not have a measuring tape, use a string as you would a measuring tape then place the string along a ruler to achieve the measurements
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