Moderate support/protection for the front leg/wrist.  Carpo-Flex – X Mini is made specifically for small pets, toy breed dogs, and cats. Helps to support the wrist joint and relieve pain associated with:

  • arthritis
  • degenerative joint disease
  • hyperextension injuries
  • ligament strains and sprains
  • wrist deviation/deformity

This brace is also useful after splint or cast removal so that your pet has a transitional support to help protect from re-injury. ​For active pets that only need light support try Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap Mini.Stability StrapsCarpo-Flex X Mini comes with stability straps that are already applied onto the brace.  These straps can be removed or reapplied where needed depending on how much support your pet needs. Fleece LinerThe brace is lined with soft fleece for added comfort and protection. Additional sheets of self-adhesive fleece can be purchased separately.Anti-Chafing PowderIf your pet has sensitive skin, we recommend applying anti-chafing powder inside the brace to help protect the leg.  Power sold separately.Customized FitCarpo-Flex-X Mini comes in 3 sizes.  Cinching strap ends can be trimmed off if too long. Carpo-Flex X Mini MODIFIEDIf your pet does not fit into a standard size, consider selecting the “Carpo-Flex X Mini MODIFIED” version at checkout.  The MODIFIED version is cut to size to fit your pet.  Fleece padding and stability straps are applied based on the information you provide about your pet. ​​For pets that require custom support or immobilization, we suggest the Custom Carpal Support.

Measuring Instructions

FIGURE A (Carpal/Wrist Circumference). Use a measuring tape or piece of string to measure around your pet’s carpal/wrist area.

Figure A

FIGURE B (Height). Measure the distance from the back of your pet’s leg, starting from the back of the paw (or floor) to  about half way up your pet’s leg.

Figure B


Sizes are in centimeters.

  • MINI 1: Carpal/Wrist Circumference: 5 cm–6 cm; Height: 7 cm
  • MINI 2: Carpal/Wrist Circumference: 6 cm–7½ cm; Height: 7½ cm
  • MINI 3: Carpal/Wrist Circumference: 7½ cm–9 cm; Height: 9 cm

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