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Canine Mobility® Anti-Knuckling Device™

Canine Mobility® Anti-Knuckling Device™

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About This Item

The Canine Mobility Anti-Knuckling Device (AKD) is comprised of an elastic shock cord that connects at one end to a dog harness (not included) and to a material paw strap at the other end (see inset diagrams). The paw strap is configured to include a toe loop that fits around the dog’s two middle toes, and a metatarsal loop that fits around the dog’s leg at the lower end of the metatarsus (above the paw). This configuration assists with both the forward movement of the dog’s hind leg and the upward movement of the dog’s toes, effectively preventing or reducing the frequency of hind leg knuckling.

Keeping Seniors, Injured, or Weak Dogs Safe in the Home