About Vital Vet and You

Created For You ... If you're here on Vital Vet, you get it!

"Just a Dog - Unknown Author" - Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick is a veterinary surgeon fittingly known as "The Supervet".  His fierce passion for pets and their wellbeing shines through when he reads this tender poem.  Listen in...If you're here on Vital Vet, you get it!  It's not..."Just a Dog".  Thank you, Dr. Fitzpatrick!

Vital Vet is a comprehensive, multi-platform supercenter dedicated to improve the lives of our animal companions.  All things related to veterinary rehabilitation, physical therapy, and integrative medicine can now be found in one central location to help you learn, connect, and make more informed decisions.

Vital Vet is a professional care site for serious pet parents and professionals.  

Coming Soon...

We continue our mission to provide you with the most complete and current information on pet rehabilitation healthcare.  Soon, you will find resources and educational opportunities not only for veterinary professionals but also for pet professionals, trainers, and devoted pet parents.

This One's For You...

We've just begun . . . and there's lot more to come . . . This one's for you!

If Vital Vet was your ultimate resource and educational guide, how would you build it?  Well now you can!  We're building Vital Vet for you.  Let us know what you'd like to see included.  Send us a message.  

We're building this one TOGETHER.


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