Virtual Consults for Pets - Rehab, Conditioning, and Mobility Issues

Virtual Consults for Pets - Rehab, Conditioning, and Mobility Issues

Virtual Consults for Pets - Rehab, Conditioning, and Mobility Issues

Many of you are becoming familiar with telemedicine so that you can connect with your veterinarian for a virtual appointment.  Vital Vet Pet Video Consultation is different - it's a totally new concept in virtual consultation.  Here's how:

  • You do not have to be a client of the Vital Vet Pet Consultants
  • Our Pet consultants are the best of the best - some names you might even recognize since they helped develop the certification programs in canine rehabilitation
  • These are experts in the fields of sports medicine and conditioning, physical rehabilitation, neurology and orthopedics, assistive devices, and much more
  • Connect with these experts from all over world without ever leaving your home

Check them out; read their biographies - you can't help but be impressed.  Now, you can access all of these consultants in one place.  Contact them if:

  • your pet has sprain, is limping, or is recovering from surgery
  • you need guidance to help your pet get up and down and around the house better
  • you’re looking to improve your pet's conditioning program or need help devising simple or challenging exercises
  • you need help selecting a brace, harness, or wheelchair
  • you want to learn acupressure or massage, at-home laser therapy, and much more

If your pet is in pain, losing some of his abilities, getting weaker . . . if you ‘feel’ that something’s off but you just don’t know who to ask, ask our Vital Vet Consultants.  This virtual pet care service gives you nearly unprecedented access to the pet rehab professionals of your choice who can look at your pet (via video), listen to you, and give you answers.

Taking care of your pet shouldn’t be full of guesswork, stress, and complication. Our goal is to make it EASY to get the help you need, all from the convenience of your home.

Here’s a short video that walks you through how the process works:

And here's the unbelievable part: You get access to these experts at a drastically reduced rate.  Since we’re in the testing phase of this new service, our experts have agreed to lower their fees to help more people have access and become comfortable with the service.  Now's the time to strike.


We’re adding new Teleconsultants every week so check back with us for updates.

Let’s work together to keep pets moving!

Author: Vital Vet, LLC



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