Veterinarians International - Helping Animals and Healing Our Planet

Veterinarians International - Helping Animals and Healing Our Planet

Veterinarians International - Helping Animals and Healing Our Planet

Vital Vet is excited and humbled to be partnering with Veterinarians International, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide veterinary care and education to improve the well-being of animals and their communities.

Veterinarians International (VI) is a global network of veterinarians, animal welfare specialists, and researchers who partner with local communities to improve the care and conservation of animals in need, both wild and domestic.

On April 19, 2021, the VI team learned that a 5 year-old elephant was shot in her right front leg. The injured baby was weak and couldn't stand, and despite VI's best efforts, she didn't survive. Her loss, and the loss of other critically-injured elephants in Sri Lanka, could have been prevented with access to equipment such as x-ray machines, hoisting equipment, and proper transport facilities.  In Sri Lanka , over 10% of its Asian Elephant population has been lost in the last 2 years alone; one of VI's goals is to build the country's first-ever elephant hospital and wildlife rehab center.

Elephant being fitted wit a prosthetic limb

Other VI goals include:

  • Expanding the rhino and cheetah orphanage in Kenya
  • Supplying rabies and distemper vaccines for dogs and cats in Chile and Guatemala
  • Providing veterinary training worldwide along with life-saving spay and neuter programs

Find out more about how VI is helping to heal animals around the world.


Caregiver, Chamindu, feeds an orphaned baby elephant at the Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home in Sri Lanka. In partnership with the Sri Lankan government, VI's Asian elephant program ensures care for many injured and orphaned elephants in the developing nation. Though caring for orphaned elephants is incredibly rewarding, it is also very labor intensive with young calves, like this one, needing to be bottle fed every 3 hours!

Veterinarians International is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization; Tax ID: 46-5277273

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Let’s work together and give them the best life possible!

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Thank you Vital Vet for your generous support and partnership!

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