Foundation Training - Essential Basics for Conditioning (see PROMO CODE)

Foundation Training - Essential Basics for Conditioning (see PROMO CODE)

Foundation Training - Essential Basics for Conditioning (see PROMO CODE)

When building a home, most builders agree that a solid foundation is the most important component - without a solid base it's just a matter of time before the home's structure becomes damaged.  The same is true when training your dog - without a proper foundation, dog's body is more prone to damage and injury.
Here's a great self-guided, online course on this very subject (use PROMO CODE: VitalFoundations10)
Taught by Carolyn McIntyre, animal rehab physio and one of the best in the biz, this course will give you a solid base and understanding of how to develop your dog's training routine to minimize injury and help them excel in virtually any physical discipline. 
And Carolyn McIntyre is right - "you don't know what you don't know".  So let's see what Carolyn is saying about her new Foundation Essentials course.
"There's SO MUCH information out there when it comes to conditioning training and you can’t be expected to know everything! Even experienced trainers are constantly learning and tweaking their sessions to suit their dog, the environment, and their training goals.  Let's take a look at some common issues students have in their conditioning sessions:
  • If you don’t like the preview – skip the movie! My students hear me say this MANY times! If you don’t like what you’re seeing, don't continue on with the exercise. STOP and reset your dog. 
  • Be PRESENT - Leave your worries and frustrations at the door.  Conditioning asks a lot of precision work from your dog and, as their training partner, you need to give them your full attention to be sure they’re doing it correctly and safely!   
  • Poor equipment choice  I remind students to think carefully on the equipment they’re using. Just because an exercise is being demonstrated on an unstable piece of equipment like a Fitbone, peanut, or donut doesn’t mean YOU need to pick the same equipment! Your dog may not be able or ready to handle that challenge. A general rule is when in doubt start with something easy and slowly build up the challenge.   
  • Pick your environment - If you stick your dog in a busy environment, their focus is going to be divided between what you’re trying to teach them and every other stimulus in their immediate vicinity! Pick your training environment carefully and eliminate as many distractions as you can." 
  • What's Included in the Foundation Essentials course: 

    • 30 foundation exercises with modules focusing on core, strength, flexibility, balance, and achieving the PERFECT stack! 
    • BONUS! Training games  
    • EXCLUSIVE - First look at our Framework to Foundation Success Workbook!  
    • NEW! Training Tips videos with detailed instructions on reward placement, positioning and other tips to help set your training sessions up for success!


    (use PROMO CODE: VitalFoundations10 for 10% discount)

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