6 Tips For Practicing Social Distancing When You Walk Your Dog

6 Tips For Practicing Social Distancing When You Walk Your Dog

Nov, 13


People around the globe are adjusting to life under a pandemic, and social distancing is one of the best techniques we have at our disposal to do just that.

The Cleveland Clinic defines social distancing as follows: "Social distancing involves avoiding large gatherings. If you have to be around people, keep six feet between you when possible." The CDC recently recommended that any gathering of 10 or people be cancelled, postponed or held virtually when possible.

During these times, many people are (understandably) trying to avoid leaving their homes as much as possible. For many dog owners, however, that's not an option. Pandemic or not, dogs needs to go outside and that means they need their owners to take them. There's the obvious need for potty breaks, but then there's the fact the average dog needs anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours of exercise per day—numbers that can be hard to hit from the confines of an apartment, for example.

If you're struggling with how to practice safety and social distancing without sacrificing your doggo's very necessary time outside, here are some tips to help.

Tip 1: Change your walk schedule

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